Seneca Housing AuthorityHousing

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets income limits, which are used to determine who qualifies for housing. Gross annual income must not exceed the set limits which are available at the Housing Office. Income limits are subject to change. Applicants must pass background screenings and have no outstanding debts to any other Housing Authority.

Since the largest apartment size is 2 bedrooms, the maximum number of family members we will accept is 4.

Calculation of Rent…
Rent is based on income and is calculated by a formula set by HUD. Generally it is 30% of monthly adjusted income.

Persons who are elderly (age 62 or older), handicapped, or disabled, are allowed deductions for medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Documentation of income & expenses is required.

Rent Options…
A family may choose to pay either Income-Based Rent or a Flat Rent. All flat rents are set in accordance with HUD regulations per bedroom size.